Campaign Plan for Cruella

As part of my final MA submission, we were tasked with designing a campaign plan for a new release of our choice. We were limited to four pages, but were told to replicate the process of planning conducted in industry. As shown below, I made the decision to create a campaign to market the new... Continue Reading →

Digital Content for John Lewis

After pithing a digital campaign to secure the role, I was lucky enough to work with John Lewis Cheltenham to lead the rebranding of their social media pages and develop some exciting digital content to support their Christmas campaign and support the accounts growth. I along with two other creatives Amy and Toni were responsible... Continue Reading →

Working with BBC Radio Gloucestershire

As part of working with Boxed Records, my role was to organise the promotion of our artists and releases and although Boxed Records being a small independent record label run by students, I thought it was important to expand our reach further than just the university and engage the local community with our work. To... Continue Reading →

Youth Music ‘Next Gen’ Creative

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected by Youth Music to be part of their Next Gen List , a list highlighting the best young professionals entering the music industry and spans from singer songwriters, to music journalists, aspiring marketing creatives and music photographers. It is incredible to be recognised for the work... Continue Reading →

Career Development Plan

I have always been an extremely organised person and as I continue with my employment search to enter the music industry, I decided to create a career development plan. This will help me map out the steps that I need to take to develop my skills, keeping me focused and understand what I need to... Continue Reading →

Virtually Wychwood

Wychwood Music Festival 2020 was due to take place this year from the 29th May-31st May. I was a project manager for the festival, co-ordinating the running of 3 festival stages, the Bandstand, the Wychwood FM stage and the dance tent. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the music festival was cancelled and I was... Continue Reading →

The Artist Guide

The Artist Guide was born out of a project, with the aim to educate amateur musicians about the music industry and the first steps in starting a music career. The project began as I wanted to find a way to simplify and convey the knowledge I have learnt in the last 3 years on my... Continue Reading →

In The Box Sessions

In The Box Sessions is a project started by Boxed Records in which we record and release different music artists covering their favourite songs from 'InTheBox' (our studio's live room.) We aimed to release our content regularly on both Facebook and Instagram, conducting the sessions a month in advance to give time for editing. As the... Continue Reading →

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