Our Christmas Album!

As a team, we knew straight away that our first Boxed Records project would be to create a Christmas album, ready to release in December. As a team, we all love Christmas and were full of ideas of what we wanted it to achieve.

To start the creative process, we held a team meeting and sat around the table drafting a list of potential artists for the album, song ideas, and a tracklist that we thought would sound good. We believed that this would help us understand the ideas of each team member, and draft out a clear plan to move forward.

Following, the completion of the ideas phase we had a list of 8 confirmed artists, all of which had picked Christmas songs to cover and had created a recording schedule for our tracks.  In the recordings I took on a technical role, Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 17.20.07setting up equipment and recording into tracks on protools. The production process took 2 months, with each of the 8 artists being allocated 8 hours worth of recording sessions.

As part of the project, we had enlisted two producers Ben Kelly and Ellery Forster to mix and master our tracks ready for release on Spotify and Apple Music. We also hired a 1st-year Graphic Design Student, Cas Samson, to design our album cover.

Once all the tracks were complete, we submitted them to our distributor EmuBands to organise the licensing and prepare them for release on December 12th.

As part of the release, we organized an album launch party to promote the album and give the artists include the opportunity to showcase their Christmas cover and original material to a large audience. The event also acted as a fundraiser, allowing us to get profits to reinvest into our next project.


Finally, on December 12th our 3 months of hard work was complete and the album was released onto Spotify and Apple Music for all to enjoy. It was really rewarding seeing a final product to exemplify the hard work we had put into the project and I particularly enjoyed seeing the audience at our launch party enjoying the album.

The album is called ‘A Touch of Christmas’ and is available on streaming platforms now.




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