The Artist Guide

The Artist Guide was born out of a project, with the aim to educate amateur musicians about the music industry and the first steps in starting a music career. The project began as I wanted to find a way to simplify and convey the knowledge I have learnt in the last 3 years on my music business degree, to people who might not have access to the same information. I set out to work with various amateur musicians, leading a coaching program and aiding them in creating their own music.

In response to COVID-19, I wanted to develop a free resource as part of the project, that could be accessed by anyone anywhere. I took time researching, designing and compiling all the information I felt was important for new artists to begin an independent music career and The Artist Guide was born.

The 19 page guide walks artists through the process of branding yourself, recording music, live performance, marketing and promotions and the wider industry.

It was my first attempt at designing and producing what could be considered a magazine style resource, and has opened my eyes to my potential within copywriting, journalism and design. I am excited to explore this in further projects, using the skills to create more.

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