Career Development Plan

I have always been an extremely organised person and as I graduate from my Music Business degree and prepare to enter employment, I decided to create a career development plan. This will help me map out the steps that I need to take to develop my skills and what I need to do to achieve my aspirations.

My Strengths and Weaknesses

My Career Aspirations:

What I Plan to do to Achieve This:

What Problems I Might Face to Achieve This:

  • One problem I might face in reaching my career goal is the relocation required. As already referenced, many of the large media conglomerates and major music companies who I aspire to work for are located in London. As I am from a small town outside Birmingham, there is little opportunity within the music industry in a commuting distance and therefore for me to reach my full potential, taking a step to move to London (or another large city if opportunities arise) is necessary. To overcome this, I will take time to save money to make the relocation possible and will aim to secure a full-time job before making the move. This will mean that once I am successful in finding a job, I will have an income to support living independently and growing my career.
  • Another problem I might face in reaching my career goal is the saturation of applicants. Particularly with large/well-known companies, such as the major record labels who I aspire to work for, the number of applicants per job listing is extremely high and therefore it is more difficult to stand out from the crowd and be successful. In order to overcome this I will take time developing a strong CV and ensure I can tailor it appropriately for each individual job listing. I would also like to take steps over the next 2 years to seek unique experiences that will enhance my CV and interest recruiters. This may be exciting volunteer work, independent projects or internships. 

Who/What Can help me achieve:

  • To help me get a foot in the industry, I have been developing an extensive LinkedIn network of students and industry practitioners over the last 3 years. Following graduation I will use the platform to explore these connections and seek opportunities, albeit whether they are employment opportunities, mentoring opportunities or short-term work placements.
  • Similarly, I will continue to use the University’s Future Plan portal and services post-graduation to search for opportunities I might have missed and for advice in developing a strong CV as this will be crucial in securing competitive employment. In the same way, I will also reach out to my tutors when appropriate for advice or help in application processes or interviews as they have insight into what recruiters specifically in the music industry are looking for. 
  • I will also use music resource sites such as Music Business Worldwide and Music Week to keep up to date on industry developments, even when I may not actively be working within it. This will help me during application processes to demonstrate to recruiters my knowledge of the industry, and highlight the insight that I can bring to their company.

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