Virtually Wychwood

Wychwood Music Festival 2020 was due to take place this year from the 29th May-31st May. I was a project manager for the festival, co-ordinating the running of 3 festival stages, the Bandstand, the Wychwood FM stage and the dance tent. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the music festival was cancelled and I was... Continue Reading →

The Artist Guide

The Artist Guide was born out of a project, with the aim to educate amateur musicians about the music industry and the first steps in starting a music career. The project began as I wanted to find a way to simplify and convey the knowledge I have learnt in the last 3 years on my... Continue Reading →

In The Box Sessions

In The Box Sessions is a project started by Boxed Records in which we record and release different music artists covering their favourite songs from 'InTheBox' (our studio's live room.) We aimed to release our content regularly on both Facebook and Instagram, conducting the sessions a month in advance to give time for editing. As the... Continue Reading →

Design Work for TuneRiver

Since October I have worked with Tuneriver as a social media assistant, designing visual content for their social media pages. Below is some of the content I have created.      

Our Christmas Album!

As a team, we knew straight away that our first Boxed Records project would be to create a Christmas album, ready to release in December. As a team, we all love Christmas and were full of ideas of what we wanted it to achieve. To start the creative process, we held a team meeting and... Continue Reading →

Boxed Records

In September 2019, a group of 4 of us took on the challenge of establishing and running our own independent record label. The mission of Boxed Records is to offer a platform to showcase our university artists, giving them the opportunity to take part in various products and release their music to a wider audience.... Continue Reading →

Whittle Taps Live: Gallery

In March 2019, I along with some other students were approached by a local Cheltenham pub called Whittle Taps to host a live music event at their venue. There were no financial rewards, however, we thought it would be a good opportunity to build our events portfolio. Along with the help of three bands and... Continue Reading →

Marketing Material for Revolution Live

For the past month, I have been working within my self-made production company to create a Live Music Charity event called Revolution Live. I have attached below all the marketing material I made to create the final marketing campaign. Poster Series: Artist Posters: Social Media Advertisements Event Signs Artist Promo Videos

Product Development: MixMap App

For our Mobile App Development module, we are currently under the process of developing our own music app and researching into our market and customer base. Our product is MixMap, a playlist sharing solution. MixMap offers users the ability to share and discover playlists on a map based platform by creating avatars, adding friends uploading... Continue Reading →

Creating Promotional Material for Adam Thorn

I was asked by singer-songwriter Adam Thorn to create promotional posters for his upcoming gigs as a solo artist. These were the final two posters, taking two different approaches - one more informational and one more artistic and visually pleasing. The venue manager  as well as Adam was very happy with both. Following creating the gig... Continue Reading →

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