The Artist Guide

The Artist Guide was born out of a project, with the aim to educate amateur musicians about the music industry and the first steps in starting a music career. The project began as I wanted to find a way to simplify and convey the knowledge I have learnt in the last 3 years on my... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Influence of Stormzy on the British Music Industry in the Last 5 Years – My Dissertation

For my dissertation I wanted to analyse the current music industry, exploring trends and changes within British popular music whilst also thinking outside the box. Stormzy is the name on everyone's lips in the last year and he has broke through a cultural barrier to achieve this. I wanted to explore this deeper, and find... Continue Reading →

Live Review: Enigma – Lady Gaga

Word Doc Download Link - LIVE REVIEW - Engima - Lady Gaga Like an alien descending from the skies, Gaga glides down to the stage just metres above the tiered audience; setting the tone for what is to be a crazy but wildly intimate night. From a keytar to a 10ft robot and a prosperous... Continue Reading →

Comparative Piece on Two Major UK Festivals

Two Festival Comparison - download link In this piece, I am going to question the cultural, social and economic impacts of festivals through the analysis of similarities and differences between Capital’s Summertime Ball and BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend since their inaugurations in 2009 and 2003 respectively. ‘A performance event comprising two or more live performances... Continue Reading →

Product Development: MixMap App

For our Mobile App Development module, we are currently under the process of developing our own music app and researching into our market and customer base. Our product is MixMap, a playlist sharing solution. MixMap offers users the ability to share and discover playlists on a map based platform by creating avatars, adding friends uploading... Continue Reading →

Global Ecologies Research Projects

Short Video Project: As part of the Global Ecologies module, we were tasked with creating a short video which explores Manuel De Landa's idea of how a city (or in Cheltenham's case, Cultural capital' integrates itself with the surrounding area. From conducting our own research around the topic, we discovered a book by Ruth Finnegan... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Where is the Music Industry?

In response to the research and learning in our Global Ecologies module, I have produced a 10 minute podcast discussing Where is the Music Industry? I found it interesting to look into music from other cultures and how they think about the Western music industry, and have enjoyed relating it the idea back to the... Continue Reading →

Formation, Beyonce : Textual Analysis

Beyoncé has always been an artist with the aim to empower whether that be to empower women, to empower races, or to empower her audience in general. At the beginning of this year came her latest motion of empowerment with the release of Formation but was empowerment really what she achieved? Formation tackled current issues... Continue Reading →

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